Week of December 19

This Week in ELA 6

This week, scholars will further their knowledge of character traits, and use what they have learned to write a character analysis essay.  Scholars will also review previous work to improve understanding of key skills, concepts and strategies.  Following the review, scholars will  have an opportunity to make revisions (or changes), to demonstrate new understanding.

Click here to download this week’s plans in pdf format, or read on to view the plans, here.

Common Core State Standards:

RL 6. 1 (Cite textual evidence to support analysis … as well as inferences drawn from the text)  

W 6.4 (Clear and coherent writing where the development, organization, and style are appropriate to the task, purpose, and audience)   

RL 6.3 (Describe how a particular story’s or drama’s plot unfolds in a series of episodes as well as how the characters respond or change as the plot moves toward a resolution)

Weekly Plans:

Dec. 19 – Monday:

  1. Do Now: Character Traits Review
    • What are character traits?
    • What character traits best describe your best friend, sibling, or parent?
  2. Each scholar receives a copy of the Character Traits resource handout
  3. Whole class instruction on writing a character analysis essay
  4. Scholars write their own character analysis essays (Character Analysis Essay)


Dec. 20 – Tuesday:

  1. Do Now: Good News / Free Write
  2. Scholars have an opportunity to:
  • Improve their work from last week (Reading Check or Text Analysis)
  • Complete either of the past two homework assignments (if not already completed)
  • Work on an item from the “May Do” Choice Board
  • Continue work on Character Analysis Essay


Dec. 21 – Wednesday:

  1. Do Now: Plot Elements Video (5 things)
  2. Review plot elements and gist summary
  3. Watch a holiday TV show
  4. Complete a gist summary and plot tree map (gist-organizer , plot-tree-map)

No Homework This Week!  Enjoy a restful winter break!!

Click here to download this week’s plans in pdf format.



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