This Week in 6th ELA

Weekly Overview

This week begins with a review of autobiographies and biographies, as scholars continue to prepare for the upcoming interim assessments.  An additional focus is on writing/grammar, especially as it relates to using punctuation – particularly reviewing the proper use of the colon (:).

We continue to discuss and practice writing to inform, describe, and explain, using the RACE strategy to support our own writing process for Constructed Response items.

Interim 2 Assessment

The main highlight of this week will be the 2nd opportunity to show our academic progress, based on Interim 2 Assessment results.  Scholars will complete the 6th Grade English Language Arts (ELA) Interim Assessment on Tuesday, January 24 and Wednesday, January 25.  This is a test taken during class time, evaluating student learning in the areas of reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.

End of Quarter 2:

This Friday, January 27th, marks the end of the 2nd marking period.  We are encouraging scholars to continue striving for their best quality work, and finish strong.  Scholars may still have an opportunity to complete missing work.  Homework Hub is one great way to get extra help after school (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).




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